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More about us

Zondax is a team of software developers, engineers and cryptographers with diverse technical backgrounds that work together to build innovative tech products for companies from all kinds of industries.

We are focused on blockchain protocol development and integration and software for HSMs and hardware wallets. However, we also provide other technical services, such as machine learning.

Together we have built over 40 blockchain products for industry leaders. Are you next?

More about us

Our Fields of Expertise

We solve your complex technical problems, by applying our expertise in blockchain development and HSM software, combined with our experience building solutions for over 40 leaders of the blockchain industry.

Why Zondax

40+ Products Built

Our team has developed over 40 tech solutions for industry leaders.

Quality and Security

When developing products, our maximum priority is high quality and security.

A Multidisciplinary Team

We are hyperpolyglots in computer languages: every week we work in 12+ languages.

We are proud to have developed solutions for

What we have achieved so far

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Products built


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