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How to recover KSM sent to the wrong network (Polkadot)

Sometimes Polkadot and Kusama users accidentally sent DOTs to Kusama addresses and KSM to Polkadot addresses. By doing so, their transferred funds get blocked in incorrect public keys belonging to a different network. Zondax has developed a solution for Web3foundation so that users can retrieve their blocked funds.

Introducing the KSM Recovery Mode

The KSM Recovery Mode allows users to easily retrieve their blocked KSM (when caused by accidentally sending KSM to a wallet on the wrong network (Polkadot) using a ledger device).

The KSM Recovery Mode is operational on Ledger devices.

How to recover blocked KSM

Did you accidentally send KSM to a Polkadot wallet? Have a look at our video tutorial or follow the instructions below.

How to retrieve blocked KSM step by step:

  1. Go to polkadot.js and plug in your ledger device.
  2. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the Kusama Ledger app
  3. Once you have the latest version installed, please open the Kusama App on your ledger device.
  4. Click on the right button of your ledger until you see: “Developed by:” on your screen.

5. Once this message appears, click both buttons 10 times while you remain on this screen. A warning message should appear that indicates you’re about to enter the KSM Recovery Mode.

6. Continue to click on the right button, until you see “approve” on the screen of your ledger device.

7. Click both buttons to enter recovery mode. Once you’ve done this, you should see the Kusama app logo with the text “KSM Recovery” (instead of “Kusama Ready”).

Once you have made any transaction in recovery mode (whether failed or successful), automatically you will leave the recovery mode and the ledger device will return into normal mode again.

If you’re not sure whether you have left the recovery mode: unplug your ledger device and you will automatically return to normal mode.

8. On Polkadot.js, click on “Add via Ledger”.

9. Give your new account a name and use the same derivation types as when you initially created your Polkadot account.

10. Once you’ve created your new account, the KSM Account on which your blocked funds are, should appear on your list of Kusama accounts:

11. Transfer your funds from this wallet to an account on which you’d like to keep your funds. To start the transaction click on “Send” next to your new account.

12. Select the address you’d like to send your (blocked) funds to. Click on “Make a Transfer”.

13. Click on “Sign and Submit” and proceed to sign the transaction with your Ledger Device (make sure the address and the amount to send are correct!).

14. After a few moments, on Polkadot.js a green popup will appear indicating that the transaction has been executed successfully.

16. The funds are recovered: you should now see the correct balance on both accounts.

Be aware of potential scams

This is the only official solution to recover KSM that got stuck in the wrong network (Polkadot). Please be aware of potential phishing scams or fraudulent projects claiming they can recover your DOT / KSM.

Got a question?

Zondax is a technical provider for Polkadot. If you have any questions about Polkadot, please have a look at their knowledge base.