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Meet Zondax

Innovation, curiosity and eye for detail are part of our DNA.

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Let's make innovation happen

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Our mission is to help innovation thrive by developing blockchain products and deep tech solutions for the most groundbreaking tech companies.

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We are Zondax

Since 2017, we have helped more than 40 clients build blockchain protocols and products, software for hardware wallets and HSMs.

As a team, we are hyperpolyglots in the world of computer languages: together we use every week more than 12 languages.

Decentralized since day one

We are natively remote: our team is distributed across 9 countries and our communication, processes and collaborations are fully adopted to a remote environment.

We believe decentralization can bring many benefits to the world, just as open-source. Hence, we are proud to contribute to open-source software.

Our core values


Quality and security are our maximum priorities when developing solutions for our clients. Hence, our partners are our best advocates to new clients.


We operate with complete transparency and open communication, both internally and externally. We value open access to information, that’s why we contribute to the community through providing open-source software.


Trust is important to us, hence we have a horizontal organizational structure where we believe in the expertise of our team members and their capability of managing responsibilities in a distributed and remote first company.


We embrace innovation, it’s at our core. We never settle: we like to explore, to learn and to challenge ideas, with the aim to promote innovation that matters and make ideas happen.


We are open minded and curious and like to think outside of the box. We value people who want to experiment and that are open to learning and growing as people and as professionals.


At Zondax, everyone is a leader despite their title or role. We have a flat organizational structure, where we value a self starter mindset and where everyone takes ownership of what they are doing.

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We are always looking for talent

If you're interested in joining Zondax's team and contribute to our mission to make innovation happen, please send us your CV.

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